New pub, big move

New publication alert: Congrats to grad student Michael Zhang for publication of his article entitled “Lipid-Mediated Insertion of Toll-Like Receptor (TLR) Ligands for Facile Immune Cell Engineering” in Frontiers in Immunology!

Big, bittersweet news: As of May 2020, Dr. Szeto will shift his lab and work from UMBC to the Allen Institute for Immunology as an Assistant Investigator. His research there will continue expanding on his focus on systems approaches to better understand, predict, and modulate immune function to improve human health.

This was a difficult choice, and the lab’s time at UMBC will always be cherished. Many thanks to the colleagues, collaborators, and supporters in the Department of CBEE, the UMBC community, at University of Maryland Schools of Medicine and Pharmacy (especially the NSIP and GPILS programs), and Johns Hopkins. These connections proved invaluable in shaping the lab’s direction over the years. Most importantly, many thanks to the numerous undergraduate and graduate students who made unforgettable contributions to research and teaching experiences.