Lab receives grant from Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.

The lab was awarded a 2016 Research Fellow Award from the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. Funds from this 1-year $75k grant will go towards preclinical and clinical work on systems biology in multiple myeloma immunotherapy. Thanks to MMRF for supporting our science!

First conference talk for the lab!

Dr. Szeto had the pleasure and honor of both co-chairing the Gordon Research Seminar in Immunochemistry & Immunobiology. He also had an invited short-talk and a generous travel award to give a short talk on some of the lab’s on-going efforts in making predictive models for tumor immunotherapy during the main Gordon Research Conference (Immunity in Homeostasis, Disease and Therapy). Many…

Roche buys into B cells for cancer!

Congrats to collaborators at SQZ Biotech for securing a $500M deal with Roche to engineer B cells-­based cancer vaccines! This is major, rapid advance of our proof-of-concept work published just this May in Scientific Reports.


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