A busy summer!

EAQq671W4AEbR0KSummer 2019 has been busy with achievements! Thanks so much to current and summer lab members for their hard work!

Graduations and departures: Multiple lab undergraduates officially became alumni this summer, including Emily Slaby, Kojo Bonsu, Nicole Couturier, and Georgina Stephanie! Congrats to all and good luck in your exciting new adventures in grad school and biotech!

Thesis proposals: Grad students Michael Zhang and Marilyn Allen both successfully passed their thesis proposals, and are officially PhD candidates!

Summer presentations: Undergrads in the lab had great poster and oral presentations on their work, including Richa Beher and Blair Landon in the NSIP program at University of Maryland Greenebaum Cancer Center, Alexa Diano through the Leadership Alliance, Jenny Lenhoff through LSAMP, and Alex Seas at the 2019 UMBC Summer Undergraduate Research Festival (SURF)! Not to be outdone, grad student Yun Jiao also presented some of her work on post-traumatic brain injury biomarkers at Neural Environment in Disease: Glial Responses and Neuroinflammation.

Funding: The lab was recently awarded 2 grants through the University of Maryland Greenebaum Cancer Center to focus on breast cancer immunotherapy in collaboration with Dr. Anthony Kim and the Translational Therapeutics Research Group, and for engineering cancer immunotherapies targeting the protein Yap.